My beauty secret for winter : Sunscreen

crème solaire / sunscreen

  Sunscreen in the winter, it seems ridiculous, and yet, it’s the product that saves me every year. I admit that I only thought about it a few years ago when I could have been using it forever. Now it’s an indispensable part of my beauty routine.    Why use sunscreen in the winter?  Sunscreen is the miracle product to use when it’s very cold to protect your skin. When I […]

Les Capuches à mémé, the hood that you need

capuches à mémé

Les Capuches à mémé means in english “the hood to granny”. As the name sound french, you can guess it’s a french brand. Cause in France, and in Paris above all, there are more days of rain than days without rain. So  it is the kind of accessories that you can not do without. It’s all fresh, new, all beautiful. I know, I haven’t posted anything on my blog for the last 6 months… life… And this […]

Thailand, the land of smiles


Thailand, the land of smiles, is a magical country. If you have not been there before, there is a good chance it will happen someday. Why? Because Thailand is a beautiful place, where it is very easy to travel, even on a small budget. I went there 5 times, and I lived there for 9 […]