Welcome to my blog « Romy and Co »

This blog Romy and Co is dedicated to the artists I have encountered on my journey. I will also cover beauty tips, food tips, as well as some travel advice. My main focus will be on the people that fascinate me.


I didn’t know much about blogging until a few months ago, but I do have a passion for writing (one that I have seldom had the opportunity to pursue since finishing university). So I had the idea to create « Romy and Co » to talk about all the talented individuals I encounter on a regular basis. I come from a family of artists (music, media and cinema) and I myself have been working as a model for several years. So suffice it to say that I have met a lot of talented and fascinating people who have evoked a desire in me to get to know them better.

Every person mentioned in this blog is someone I have had the pleasure to meet at some point in my life before I had any intention of writing about them. This forms the premise of my project. There is a personal aspect to every story. I don’t take a formal, journalistic approach. I will certainly not cover an artist for the sole purpose of this blog or if I don’t like his work.

This blog will not pursue a commercial approach. The artists covered are not chosen because of their topicality. At the end of the day, an artist is always an artist. They are constantly in the process of creating something, and what interests me is their personality. That being said, I will of course share information on any upcoming events which the artists are involved in.


As a result of my line of work, I have some beauty tips to share. But I’m not going to turn myself into a human test subject who receives new products from brands every month.

I don’t own 10,000 handbags, so I’m not going to write about trendy outfits. Also I couldn’t care less about being fashionable.

However, I do love to eat (after all, I am half Asian), so I will not hesitate to share with you my favorite restaurants.

I’m also a passionate traveler. I and try to seize every opportunity to follow that passion. I will be happy to share my experiences with you. But beware, I don’t follow travel advice from Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor. I sleep local, spend time with locals, and try to discover spots not mentioned on Lonely Planet. Therefore, the advice I give is targeted at people who want to really experience the cultures of other countries and who are not afraid of eating spicy street food.

I would like to thank all the artists who have given up some of their time to be a part of this project. Every time we talk, I discover something new about them, and end up even more impressed and amazed.

I hope I will succeed in conveying to you, the reader, what it is that makes these artists so dear to me. And I hope that you enjoy my blog.

Thank you for reading.


If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask it romyeisemberg@gmail.com

If you want to discover my model work, it’s here : www.romy.book.fr