100 movies to watch during the quarantine

What movies to watch tonight? I bet that after few weeks of confinement, some people are running out of ideas.


Those of you that know me already know that I am a cinephile. I love movies, especially independant movies, which dare to go where money does not dare to go. People often ask me what my favorites movies are, which ones would recommend. This quarantine is the perfect situation to share with you a short list of independent movies to watch. The idea is therefore to introduce you to new, different, original, unexpected works. You may tell me that this list is incomplete, but the idea was simply to make a selection, not to include everything. Don’t hesitate to tell me which is your favorite independent film. Maybe I have already seen it, or not. So, I will add it to my own list of things to see during containment.


Is this list accessible to everyone?


Of course, this list is accessible to everyone, except for a film or two not recommended for those under the age of 16 (ex: Climax, The house that Jack Built). Then again, when I was 12 I had already seen Alien and The Exorcist, and I loved them both.


I would imagine that most of these movies cannot be found on Netflix or other streaming services, or maybe they can, but since you’ve never heard of them, you never noticed them before. It may also be difficult to find a version to download, but I recommend them anyway. Some movies on the list are well known, but not as much as Star Wars. Don’t worry, I would add movies that are too “indie”. These movies can be watched by everyone. There is no risk of being bored, or of saying that they are dedicated to a sophisticated audience. The list includes everything from light to poignant movies, documentaries, comedies and thrillers.


Even though the list includes a lot of French and American films, I tried to make the selection as international as possible, just to let you travel from your living room. The only catch: don’t be afraid to read subtitles.


The films are classified by country, according to the nationality of the director, and in alphabetical order.


Afhgan movie


American movies

American independent cinema is much richer than we imagine. On the one hand, there are many independent productions. On the other hand, the movies are high quality. Thanks to A24 productions for existing and funding works other than blockbusters. Here is a non-exhaustive but varied selection.

le bêtes du sud sauvage
The Rider
Never let me go
nebraska - payne
the disaster arist
The lighthouse
precious lee daniel
Only Lovers left alive
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Algerian movie


Argentinian movies

el secreto en sus ojos
Les nouveaux sauvages
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Australian movies

ten canoes
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Austrian movies

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Belgian movies

It is not necessary to include Dikkenek here because everyone already knows this masterpiece, at least I hope you do. Belgian cinema is cheeky, funny and complete. Whether it is a comedy or a tragedy, it is always pushed to the limit. We are rarely disappointed.

alabama monroe
Mon Ket
girl dhont
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Brazilian movie


Canadian movies

Les Invasions Barbares
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Chinese movies

Chinese cinema is rich and beautiful, and often also very committed. Here is a selection rather accessible to all.

coming home
blind massage
Taking Woodstock
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Colombian movie

pajaros de verano
Pajaros de verano

Danish movies

I think Danish directors are all a little crazy, if not very. Please note, the list presented here is not recommended for children.

the house that jack built
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Dutch movie

At first glance, the only known durch director is Paul Verhoeven and his superb movie Basic Instinct. That being said, the director of the film The Human Centipedes is also Dutch … So do not be surprised by the film that I propose here.


English movies

Here we could talk about Ken Loach, Stephen Frears or Mike Leigh. But having seen all of their works, they are directors who do not renew themselves. So I preferred to present directors who dare more.

12 years a slave
hunger-mc queen
touristes ben wheatley
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Egyptian movies

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French movies

French independent cinema saves the face of French cinema altogether. Nevertheless, the subjects are rarely deep, or well treated. Most of the time, the story is about what is happening in the neighbourhood… But hey, I managed to find some talents to offer you.

les chatouilles
Holy Motors
Benda Bilili
J'ai toujours rêvé d'être un gangster
Johnny mad dog
Les Chatouilles
A prayer before dawn
La Danseuse
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German movies

Toni Erdmann
La Vie des Autres
Soul Kitchen
La Vague
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Greek movies

The Lobster

Hong Kong movies

In the mood for love
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Indian movie


Iraqi/Kurdish movie

My sweet pepper land

Iranian movies

Une séparation
No one knows about persian cats'
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Israeli movie

Valse avec Bashir

Italian movies

Italian cinema is doing very well. It is funny, committed and aesthetic. French directors have a lot to learn from them!

La grande Belleza
Mia madre
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Japanese movie

Tel père tel fils

Kenyan movie


Korean movies

Korean cinema is one of my favorites. I have rarely been disappointed with a Korean film. They remind me of the Greek tragedies. They allow us to experience a real catharsis, with an almost unrivaled aesthetic.

Old Boy
The Chaser
Memories of murders
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Libanese movie


Mauritanian movie


Mexican movies

Mexican cinema is doing very well. In addition, Mexican directors win oscars quite regularly. However, these are often violent films. It’s a shame, because Mexico is a superb country with much more to offer than violence.

Despues de Lucia
Miss Bala
Las Elegidas
Le labyrinthe de Pan
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Moroccan movie

Les chevaux de Dieu

Norway movie


Polish movie

Cold War

Russian movies

En terre de Crimée
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Saoudi movie


Spanish movie

Blanca Nieves
Map of the sounds of tokyo
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Thai movie


Turkish movies

Les Trois Singes
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Uruguayan movie

La Zona

Zambian movie

I am not a witch



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  1. Superbe liste…. on aimerait en ajouter qqn aussi 😉
    Surtout au Japon et Inde….
    Si tu as des tuyaux de partages de films, cest bienvenu aussi car bcp dentre eux ne sont pas facile a trouver…..

    1. Merci ! Oui on pourrait en ajouter tout plein, j’ai essayé de me limiter à 100, c’est pas facile… surtout que depuis j’ai d’autres films qui me sont revenus en tête et que je pourrai ajouter. Je pense que je vais la modifier un peu 😉

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