Kares Le Roy

Portrait en noir et blanc de Kares Le Roy pour le blog Romy and Co

Who is Kares Le Roy ?   Kares Le Roy is a photographer and director based in Paris. He is a great lover of the beauties of the Orient. Kares and I have known each other for quite some time, and I have seen his work evolve being a bit more amazed every time. So, […]

Jannah Roy

  Who is Jannah Roy ?   Jannah Roy is a model from the Marseille region. She moved to Paris 10 years ago for her job. Since, she expresses her creativity making jewelries or dreamcatchers. Nowadays, she lives in between Paris and Bali. When I met Jannah Roy, we worked together for a showroom. In […]

Marina Ho

  Who is Marina Ho ? Marina Ho is former model turned painter. Her workshop is in Belleville, Paris, between pho’s and bo-buns, which remind her of her Vietnamese origins. Marina Ho lives in a souplex, that she needs to protect herself from the outside world. The ground floor is fully equipped for her to […]

Sarah Ford

  Who is Sarah Ford ? Sarah Ford is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Paris. It’s not for nothing that I say that Sarah Ford is my best buddy. She’s not like other girls, not is she like other guys. Sarah is a tasty mixture of virility and sensitivity, which makes her particularly […]

K Goldstein

Who is K Goldstein ?     I met K Goldstein during a Kenzo campaign a few years ago. It was the kind of campaign with too much budget and a lot of time waiting around. It gave us time to get acquainted. We quickly realized that we had a lot in common; we both have an Ashkenazi […]

Julien Bernard

Who is Julien Bernard ?   As I set out on my adventure of writing a blog about artists, it seemed more than obvious that my first article would be dedicated to Julien Bernard! Just saying his name is enough to bring a smile to the faces of those who have once crossed his path. Julien […]