My beauty secret for winter : Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a perfect way to protect your face during cold winter

Sunscreen in the winter, it seems ridiculous, and yet, it’s the product that saves me every year. I admit that I only thought about it a few years ago when I could have been using it forever. Now it’s an indispensable part of my beauty routine.    Why use sunscreen in the winter?  Sunscreen is the miracle product to use when it’s very cold. When I say “very cold”, […]

9 ways to make a gift

Yoda vous montre comment faire don de soi

To make a gift, everyone can do it, and it is for the good cause. It avoids creating more waste in this world of overproduction. Without spending a dime, we can create happiness.   With Christmas fast approaching, I am using this opportunity to address this subject, because Christmas is the perfect time to give […]