Les Capuches à mémé, the hood that you need

hood made of wax, perfect with a yellow coat

Les Capuches à mémé means in english “the hood to granny”. As the name sound french, you can guess it’s a french brand. Cause in France, and in Paris above all, there are more days of rain than days without rain. So  it is the kind of accessories that you can not do without. It’s all fresh, new, all beautiful. I know, I haven’t posted anything on my blog for the last 6 months… life… And this […]

9 ways to make a gift

Yoda vous montre comment faire don de soi

To make a gift, everyone can do it, and it is for the good cause. It avoids creating more waste in this world of overproduction. Without spending a dime, we can create happiness.   With Christmas fast approaching, I am using this opportunity to address this subject, because Christmas is the perfect time to give […]