Les Capuches à mémé, the hood that you need

hood made of wax, perfect with a yellow coat

Les Capuches à mémé means in english “the hood to granny”. As the name sound french, you can guess it’s a french brand. Cause in France, and in Paris above all, there are more days of rain than days without rain. So  it is the kind of accessories that you can not do without. It’s all fresh, new, all beautiful.

I know, I haven’t posted anything on my blog for the last 6 months… life… And this week is so rainy, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to post something new, related to the forecast. 


Why Les Capuches à mémé (the hood to granny)? 

Behind Les Capcuhes à mémé hides Juliette, a Parisian illustrator, victim of the local greyness. Her source of inspiration was her grandmother, that we called “mémé” in french, Gisèle.  So Juliette decided to combine her grandmother’s experience with her own creativity. 

It is true that we always see our grannies with hoods. With the years, they understood, they, that the rain here is inevitable. Of course, you can use an umbrella. But it is an accessory that we tend to forget everywhere, it is not practical in transport, then we always miss the eye of someone. I am perfectly tall enough to be the first victim of those umbrellas attacks straight in my eyes. So I hate umbrellas. Our grannies, they prefer hoods, and I do too. 



The hood, the new fashion accessory? 


Juliette has redesigned her grandmother’s favorite accessory to make it please all fashion-victims of the rain. Finally, playing with colors and prints, the hood becomes a cool accessory while remaining practical.

Let’s not forget that first and foremost, it is supposed to protect us from the rain. Actually it achieves by its shape and thanks to its impermeability. Finally, the capuches can be pretty, matching our jackets, bags and shoes. 


If you still doubt that the hood can be cool, we let you discover some pictures to convince you. 

capuches à mémé


Of course, Juliette thought of everything and the hood is sold in a small pocket, also waterproof, which allows us to store it in her pocket without risk of losing it. 

capuches à mémé pochette 

Personally, I wonder why it took so much time, and so much rain, so that someone finally decides to make us a nice and cool object to face the rain. 

Also, to avoid spoiling your brushing, count between 30 and 50 euros depending on the model. 

And to discover which Capuches is made for you, visit her website.


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/capuchesameme/

Insta : https://www.instagram.com/capuchesameme/


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