5 Tips for Not Messing up Your Manicure

liste de 5 conseils à suivre afin de ne plus louper sa manucure. Photo d'un vernis bleu clair moche et abîmé

5 Tips for Not Messing up Your Manicure


Many girls tell me they cannot manage to do their own manicure, and that they always end up smudging their newly painted nails.

So here are some tips to follow to avoid this from happening to you in the future!


1 – Preparing the ground

Before you start, you put all the material you need on the table. This includes the file, the varnish, the solvent, and so on. And before you start to apply the nailpolish, roll a piece of cotton around the end of a boxwood stick to clean the edges of the nail. Be sure that you do not need to open a drawer because you forgot something. The hair tied back. Also think about going to the bathroom before applying the first layer of nail polish. Wear leggings instead of jeans so that there is nothing to unbutton in case of an emergency.


2 – Isolation

When we are alone, there is less risk of us making a mistake than when we are surrounded by others. So make sure to be by yourself when taking care of your nails. This is your moment for you alone. No cats, no children, not even your partner, as you may be tempted to run your fingers through his hair before the nail polish is dry (and of course he would be to blame for this).


3 – Forget your phone

Leave your phone aside, or you’ll be too tempted to look at the Instagram news feed. Or even worse, if you receive a phone call and can’t fight the urge to answer. Then, you hold the phone to your ear, the nail polish ends up in your hair and you end up with a big mess. Best leave the phone in another room and prepare an episode of your favorite show to watch on your tablet or computer.


4 – Take your Time

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the layers of nail polish should not be applied one after the other. Beauticians do this in the salon because they need to get rid of you as quickly as possible to take care of another customer. Remember that when you repaint the walls of your home, you must wait 24 hours between the two layers. With nail polish, it’s almost the same.

Between the base, the first coat of nail polish, the 2nd coat, and the top coat, it is necessary to wait for the nail polish to be completely dry in between each step. Otherwise, the lower layers do not have time to dry properly, and your nail polish will spoil much faster. The less pigment, the faster the nail polish dries. This is why the base and beige polish dry faster.

Small tip: To know if your varnish is dry, just touch your 2 thumbs delicately. If there is a slight adhesion, it is not dry. If there is no grip, then you do not have to wait anymore.


5 – Do your Manicure in 2 Steps

We often end up doing our manicures towards the end of the day, once we finally find a little time for us. Unfortunately, this often leads to traces of nail polish on the bed sheet when we wake up the next morning. To avoid this from happening in the future, do your manicure in two steps. That is to say, do the whole treatment at night, and lay the base plus the 1st coat of nail polish. This way it will have enough time to fully dry, and in the morning, you apply the second coat, then the top coat.

Otherwise, if you are afraid of running out of time the next morning, apply the 1st and 2nd coat at night, and apply the top coat the following morning. The top coat only takes a few minutes to dry, and it will cover up any irregularities that may have appeared overnight.


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And you, what are your tricks for not messing up a manicure?


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