Victoires de la Beauté

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Victoires de la Beauté

Last December, I was invited by blogger Poulette Nela to a party of the Victoire de la Beauté 2016/2017. It was my very first blogging event. I usually don’t chase after events like these, but I thought it was a new experience.

On this occasion, I discovered the products of a dozen brands that were rewarded at the Victoires de la Beauté. I was able to talk to the sales people of each brand, and ask all the questions that came to mind. In the end, I left with some gifts to test. I admit that it feels like being spoiled as if it was Christmas, and it’s not unpleasant. Obviously, I redistributed most of these gifts to those who need them more than me. Of all the products that I could discover, some did not do me good at all, and others did.

Finally, for me, there are three that stand out: Sweet N’Dry’s microfibre towel, Recolouring care from Coiffance , and Palmer’s hand cream. So I want you to discover them.


But first, the Victoire de la Beauté, what is it?


The Victoires de la beauté are rewards awarded to fifty cosmetic products found in supermarkets.

Prizes are awarded once the products have been tested by a wide range of consumers. They receive the products in a neutral packaging, without the brand name. They rate the products only based on the smell, the texture, and the results. As a result, prizes are awarded with complete impartiality.

Of the 49 products being rewarded, I have not tested them all, but as I said, there are 3 that I really appreciate.


The Sweet N’Dry Microfiber Towel


“Quick, practical and ingenious”. That’s how this product is advertised, and that’s pretty accurate.

The Sweet N’Dry towel is used to dry your hair after taking a shower. This is done pretty much in the same way as with a conventional bath towel. But there are two notable differences. First, there is a small button at the neck to secure the towel with a rubber band. So it does not move at all. Then, as the name suggests, the towel is made from microfibers, which means it is very thin and very light. You no longer have the impression of wearing a weight on the head as with a conventional towel. You almost forget that you have anything on our heads at all. I do not know about you, but for me, normal towels move around all the time …

Also, twisting your hair in microfiber damaged them less than twisting hem in a cotton towel, or less than the use of a hair dryer obviously. And finally, it takes up no space at all in a suitcase.

It’s simple, I love this product. Because it is simple, unpretentious, and so practical!

One wonders why they did not invent it earlier. As so often, the best ideas are not the most complex. At only 8 euros for one towel, don’t hesitate too long.



Recolouring Care from Coiffance


Recolouring care is pigmented hair care product. It contains oils of macadamia and camellia which are used to strengthen the hair, but the bonus is the pigments. Apply a few drops after washing your hair, leave it in for a few minutes and rinse. It is not a real coloring, but a simple pigmentation, which gradually fades away when washing your hair. This makes it possible to maintain a coloration that you already applied. Think about it if you are blond and if you have your hair bleached for example. This product is much less aggressive than others. This also helps to revive a beautiful red, or any other color.

These treatments are also aimed at those who do not have blond hair, but who want to have some reflections. Let’s be honest, the darker your hair are, the less effect the care will have. The exposure time depends on the desired effect.

There are already 8 different colors. They can be purchased online, or from a hairdresser distributor. It’s still 24 euros a bottle, so you have to be sure to use it more than once.

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to test this, but I love the concept. When I was younger, I had a lot of fun with my hair, dying it in all kinds of different, permanent or not. This product is a good way to have fun without damaging your hair. If it had been created earlier, I would have avoided some damages … And then it’s a bit like changing clothes or makeup. With these treatments, it is fun to vary the reflections of the hair in an ephemeral way. We can even apply two different shades at the same time.


Palmer’s Concentrated Hand Care Cream


Palmer’s concentrated hand cream is made from cocoa butter and vitamin E. Cocoa butter is a very rich moisturizer. And vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties. I was pretty skeptical because Palmer’s is a major US retail brand …

Being a hand model, I have tested tons of creams. I must admit that Palmer’s cream makes the difference. It smells good, without being too fragrant. When applying, it is very thick, so the term “concentrate” is not an exaggeration in this case. The sensation of hydration is immediate. The hands do not remain particularly greasy, but they remain soft.

The only cream of equivalent quality that I know is the hand cream of the brand Avene. The price is about the same. 7 euros for 100ml from Avene, 3,50 euros for 60 ml from Palmer’s. Palmer’s is more convenient to slip into your bag. And personally, I love the smell of cocoa.


Here, I presented the 3 products that intrigued me at the party of the Victoires de la Beauté. The Sweet n’Dry towel and Palmer’s hand cream make part of my daily routine.

And you, what is your favorite beauty product ?

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