Period Panties, the symbol of the feminist revolution

picture of Rupi Kaur in her bed, with period blood on her pants and on her sheet

The subject of this article, as indicated by the title, is period panties. So inevitably, I’ll be talking about a subject that makes you blush: periods!

Yes, this word is disturbing to most of us, especially men. They prefer to say “oh you have your time of the monthor “your thing“. No sorry, I do not have “a thing” that I have to deal with every month for almost 40 years of my life, but my period. That is to say, blood flowing between my legs because my uterus starts a new cycle. Without periods, women would not be fertile, and you, like me, would not exist. So let’s stop being ashamed of this subject so essential to life.

It’s been a few months now that I manage this “thing” thanks to an object that revolutionized my life: period panties.

What are the period panties?

Period panties are panties that are worn during our periods, which you don’t discard and can reuse repeatedly. They are a replacement for tampons and sanitary pads.

I discovered this product on social networks thanks to the brand SheThinx who were targeting me excessively. They were all over my newsfeed, so eventually, they caught my attention. I finally clicked the ad and bought them, just to try. I tested, I loved, I bought more.

culottes hygiéniques

Period panties are designed to contain the blood flow with ultra-absorbent, antimicrobial padding. You no longer need to change pads every 3 hours, and it does not overflow at the sides. Obviously, you have to choose the right panties for your flow.

After use, simply rinse with cold water, because with hot water the blood coagulates and congeals in the fabric (what? You had not already learned this from Buffy the vampire slayer?). Afterwards you wash them in a machine or by hand.

rupi kaur periods
Rupi Kaur

Period panties, are they cool?

These panties are cool, but not only that:

  • The panties are made from cotton and they are super comfortable. There are models for all types of flow, for all shapes, and in various colors. They even have thongs, for those who prefer that, or shorties, tall panties, or bodys.
  • The don’t look like granny panties. The “sport” model is even quite stylish.
  • Now I don’t have to worry anymore about not changing my tampon on time.
  • It’s a revolution for sleeping at night, especially when you’re with your partner. Until now, it was always a little embarrassing to sleep with a pad that could move during the night, a very classy way to wake up in the morning. Now, nothing moves or leaks.
  • It’s convenient for doing sports, or for my appointment at the chiropractor.
  • You completely forget that you are even on your period and that you could end up in an uncomfortable situation.
  • It’s good for the environment, since you no longer have to dispose of more than fifteen sanitary pads that can’t be recycled. Just image the amount of non-recyclable waste these panties could put an end to every year on a global scale?
  • They are safe, unlike tampons. There is no risk of toxic shock syndrome.
  • They are economical because, once purchased, these panties can be used for years.
  • They are perfect in case of spotting. What is spotting? It’s when you loose blood out of your periods.

culottes périodiques

Period panties or menstrual cup?

I know that the other revolution of the moment is the menstrual cup. Some studies suggest it’s no less dangerous than tampons. I think it’s still too early to tell. But, the cups are still made from plastic…

Personally, I have never been comfortable with a cup or tampon in my womb, and most girls who are not embarrassed by the tampons will first turn to the cup.

I guess it’s helpful to have both at home. Because despite everything, the cup, like the tampons, has its limits, especially at night, or at the end of the period when the flow is no longer very strong. In these cases, it can be cool to have period panties as an alternative.

Panties also have their limits when it comes to going to the beach and swimming. Because obviously, the panties do not prevent the blood from coming into contact with water.

The brand SheThinx has also developed reusable tampons, which I’m not interested in trying out for the moment.

Should you buy SheThinx?

SheThinx panties are the only ones I’ve tried. They have a large variety of models. I bought plenty, so I do not need to test other brands. I’m really happy already. The only regrettable thing is that the panties are sent in a plastic bag instead of recyclable packaging.

I understand that the price can scare some people off, especially those on a tighter budget, seeing as a single pair of panties costs between 20 to 30 euros.

They are still cheaper than delicate lingerie, and you do not need to buy large quantities of pads or tampons for the next 5 years. But when money is tight, it can seem like a hefty sum. In this case, you should consider these panties as an investment. Some panties and a cup, and you are set for the next 10 years at least!

I want to believe that in the near future, all products related to our periods will finally be reimbursed by our social security, especially these panties and cups. Because pads and tampons are really shit for the planet.

Fortunately, there are other brands than SheThinx, so you have the choice: Modibodi(UK), Saforelle, Rejeanne(FR), Fempo(FR), Lunapads(CA), Marguette (made in France), etc. You choose!

Important tip: change your panties every 12 hours, even if you think you do not need to. Because we’re not going to lie, periods smell. So if you change it once a day like normal panties, well…you’re going to stink!


The main picture of this article is from the canadian poet Rupi Kaur, who has published controversive pictures about periods. I invite you to discover it here.


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