6 steps for beautiful feet

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Beauty Secret : beautiful feet

Few people are born with beautiful feet. But for the others, it something they have to work on.
As summer is coming soon, it’s the good moment to dedicate an article to this body part we often forget.

Too many people don’t take care of their feet at all. At the arrival of summer, subway offers a downright museum of horrors. If I have the misfortune of looking down at the ground, I am often disgusted. I would like to take a minute to thank all of you who do take care of their feet. Cause most of the people don’t even clean them under the shower. I know that the feet can be hard to reach for some, but no, your feet are not constantly hidden, and whether it’s summer or winter, there will always be moments in which your feet will be uncovered for others to see. And then, remind yourself that our feet carry us all day long, they take us where we want to go, and not always in the most comfortable shoes, so thank them a little and take care of them.

So how to get beautiful feet ?

Taking care of one’s feet is not a very complicated feat. Here how to proceed in 6 steps:

1 – Simply wash them when taking a shower. For real.

2 – Think about scrubbing them from every two weeks.

3 – Do pedicure once a month. I proceed in much the same way as I do for a manicure. For the details, clic here.

4 – BAN pumice stones and foot scrapers. Forget these items and throw them in the bin immediately! They remove the layer of skin that protects your feet. As a result, the calluses return to protect your feet, and a vicious cycle begins. I have always had very soft feet because I’ve never used it. Cleaning your feet with a scrub is more than enough to remove dead skin.

5 – Compeed plasters are your best friends! We don’t use it enough, but it really help to heal or to avoid blisters.

6 – Do a foot mask once a month. It’s my real beauty secret. It’s a bit like the socket that we can find at Sephora for example, but mine are better and cheaper. Frequency depends on the state of your feet. If you are used to use a foot scaper, you should do it every week until you have baby feet again.

How to do a foot mask ?

The process is very simple. First of all, start with one foot first.

  • Apply a very greasy cream, like Homeoplasmin or Vaseline, around the contours of the nails, on the heals, and wherever you have patches of hard skin.
  • Additionally, you can also add foot balm to give a feeling of freshness. I use a balm from Nature & Découvertes.
  • Apply a thick layer of classic moisturizing cream, or of almond oil, or of liniment or whatever that really moisturizes. Also, this is the opportunity to empty old pots of cream. The important thing is that the layer is very thick. Don’t try to make the cream penetrate the skin.
  • Wrap your feet in plastic (cling film works best here). Wrap it around 3 to 4 times from the toes to the ankles.
  • Then, do all the process again with the other foot.
  • Put on some thick socks for the mask not to move.
  • Don’t expect to look glamourous when looking around.
  • Leave it for several hours. This would be the ideal time to binge-watch some episodes of your favorite series.
  • Once you remove the plastic, the remaining cream can be rubbed in.
  • At this point, your cuticles are completely softened, making this the perfect time to push it, and to do a pedicure.

Then, next morning, your feet will be incredibly soft.

And you, what is your secret to have beautiful feet ?

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