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If we went to Hairfax to do a hair care for once? Does that tell you?

It sounds strange, and yet it is not. It’s a bit like going to the hair beautician. We visit institutes to take care of our faces, hands and bodies, so why not do the same for our hair? I’ll explain it to you.


Why make a hair care?

As I said, it is not unusual to go to the beautician to take care of one’s face, or other body parts, but we often forget about our hair. We consider special treatments for every part of our body, but not this one.

It is normal to brush your hair, to pamper it, to cut it, to color it. When it comes to taking care of it, we just wash it and make masks from time to time. Yet, between pollution, stress, or a poor diet, our hair requires a little more attention. So why shouldn’t we also go to an institute to take care of it? This is the experience I tried at Hairfax.


Hairfax, an institute dedicated to the well-being of hair

I discovered Hairfax following a meeting with one of the capillary specialists of this institute. I admit that I did not really know much about it before, and it aroused my curiosity.

Yet it has been more than 40 years since Hairfax has institutes specialized in the care of hair and the scalp. There is no cutting or coloring. Fragile hair, hair loss, irritated scalps and dandruff problems are being treated here.

Hairfax soin des cheveux


Hair care, how does it work at Hairfax?

You should set aside about 1 hour for your visit. Once you take your seat inside a private cabin, the specialist who looks after you will make an assessment of the condition of your hair.


She will ask you a series of questions to determine the problem, then using a very modern machine, she will make several close-ups of your hair. The goal is to define the density, the thickness, the amount of sebum, the sensitivity of the scalp, and the dandruff.

It is impressive to see your hair close up, and it is sad to realize that the reason they shine so much is due to excess silicone …

Once the balance sheet is established, the specialist defines the care you need. As far as I’m concerned, my hair is very dense and thick and therefore very healthy. But I’ve always had dandruff and therefore an irritated scalp. About dandruff, never use Head & Shoulder or other shampoo of the kind. They are much too aggressive and destroy the scalp.


The stages of care

1- The specialist applies a gel based on essential oils to soothe, detoxify and stimulate the scalp. To fight dandruff, the gel contains rutin (rutoside) which is as effective as zinc, but much softer. The gel has a fresh effect on the scalp.

2- She applies a drop of Elixir Vegetal Nutrition Intensive from Coiffance on the lengths to feed them.

3- Using a metal plate that vibrates, she then does a slight exfoliation of the scalp. This helps to clean it and get rid of dead skin.

4- She then uses a large metal comb that releases a micro current stimulate the blood circulation.

5- The cranial massage (best moment!).

6- Shampoo is applied.

7- On the wet hair, she applies a soothing lotion that is similar the gel in step 1. The hair is brushed with a large metal comb that emits blue light through led. The blue light also contributes to the appeasement of the scalp

8- The hair is dried.


My opinion

Overall It was a very pleasant experience. Even if I have always taken care of my hair by myself, leaving it in the hands of a specialist who will spend a good hour providing the appropriate care takes on its full meaning. We often do it for the face … Certainly, we all go to the hairdresser on a regular basis, this is part of normal maintenance, but a hairdresser takes care of cutting your hair, he does not treat it. Now, it seems that some hair salons also offer some type of treatment, but I have not had the opportunity to test them yet.

Depending on the problem one has, the frequency of this treatment is more or less important. In cases of an intense hair loss for example, it is advisable to take a cure to treat them. In my case, it is mainly about maintenance (and finding a good shampoo for at home). But I was thrilled with the experience. My hair remained particularly soft and silky for the following days, and with less dandruff.

Gentlemen, if you have dandruff, stop the massacre right now with your supermarket shampoo, and have your scalp treated by a specialist!


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