I’ve tried Antipodes Cosmetics

Produits préférés de la marque Antipodes : Divine face oil, crème légère de jour Rejoice, et Lotion tonique Resurrect. Marque néo-zélandaise, écologique et respectueuse de la nature. Scientific organic beauty. Reconnect with nature.

Beauty Secrets: Antipodes

Antipodes is a cosmetics brand from New Zealand. They offers beauty products with 100% natural ingredients, of which at least 70% are certified organic.
I discovered this brand during a photo shoot thanks to a makeup artist who used the “divine face oil” with the makeup base. She said to always apply it together with the foundation to illuminate the face. I really liked the smell, the texture, and the packaging. Seeing as I am always on the lookout for the miracle product, I decided to take a closer look.

I have very sensitive skin, so I’m really not a fan of testing any kind of cream because I know there is a fair chance that it will cause a negative reaction with my skin. But Antipodes aroused my curiosity.
The brand emphasizes the “natural” aspect of the products, also highlighted by their slogan “Connect with nature”, which can be found on each one of their products. They assure you that most of their products are natural and certified organic, that they are tested, approved and all the usual blah blah to try and convince us.

At first, I thought about only buying this famous divine oil. But then I read a lot of positive reviews about Antipodes online, and most importantly, I discovered that they offered a light day cream, which is perfect for me! In addition, unlike most other day creams I have used so far, this cream does not contain “paraffinum liquidum”.

What is paraffinum liquidum you ask? It’s a mineral oil obtained by distilling petroleum. It is its fat in a certain way, and can be found in numerous creams without really serving any purpose except for blocking your pores. A friend of mine who works in the L’Oréal labs explained this to me. No need to explain more that is the best way to trick us. So Antipodes convinced me. I ordered the “Divine Face Oil”, the day cream “Rejoice” and the tonic lotion “Resurrect”.

Divine Face Oil

The Divine Face Oil is composed mainly of avocado oil, jojoba oil and rose hip. The texture is not too greasy, the skin absorbs it very quickly and the odor is pleasant. It is a hydration boost that helps repair the condition of the skin, improves its elasticity, and helps deliver antioxidants. I also discovered that rose hip contains twenty times more vitamin C than citrus fruits.

They advise to use this oil before applying the day cream. I myself apply only a drop from time to time during my morning routine. Otherwise, I apply it in the evening before applying my night cream, about 3 times a week. If I spend the day under the sun, for sure I will apply it before sleeping. I have soft skin when I wake up.

Rejoice” Day Cream

This cream is also called “light day cream” (as mentioned above), I did not hesitate to buy this one. This is also available as a vanilla day cream, but although I love vanilla, I was afraid that this cream might be a bit too fragrant for my face.

For the past few years, I used the Clinique day cream “Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion”. I liked that it had a subtle fragrance, was light and hypoallergenic. My skin was always well supported, but this cream is rich in paraffinum liquidum. Also, a few years ago, I made the mistake of believing that the 3 Clinic Steps was as awesome as they want us to believe. The result is that this cream damaged the upper epidermis on my face. So since then, I remain a little skeptical about the benefits of this brand.
I also used the moisturizing cream “Premières Vendanges” from Caudalie, a brand that I am a fan of, but this cream is much too fragrant and oily for me. I do not like the texture or the smell.

Finally, the cream “Rejoice” seems to be the one I’ve been looking for. Its smell is very sweet. Even if it looks thick when coming out of the tube, its application is easy and enjoyable. One feels an immediate hydration without saturating the skin. Its texture is light. It does not leave a greasy film. This cream is also rich in avocado oil, and in manuka. The manuka is this famous magical plant that grows in New Zealand, also known as tea-tree, and which has antiseptic and restorative properties. It’s simple, I love it!

So from these 3 day creams which I tested, which all cost roughly the same (about 52 euros for 125 ml), the only one I will recommend is the one from Antipodes.


Resurrect” Tonic Lotion

This lotion Resurrect is supposed to help reduce the appearance of the pores of the skin. Again, this product feels good without having a strong odor. Its texture is light and pleasant. Every time I spray it on my face, I feel refreshed and hydrated. I do not really realize if my pores are less visible, but I like the refreshing sensation it provides. I use it in the morning by spraying it before applying my day cream. This helps to wake up my skin gently. Sometimes I apply it in the evening using a cotton pad after I remove make-up to perfect the make-up removal and to tone my skin.
I currently alternate between using Resurrect and the Eau de beauté from Caudalie that I already had. But the Antipodes lotion is significantly less alcohol-rich and therefore healthier.

So, there you have it. After my first order at Antipodes, I can say that this brand completely satisfies me, and that is why I am sharing this with you. I really feel that my skin is not attacked or saturated, and that it is well hydrated. It’s been few months that I use these products and my skin is in better condition, smoother, and I have fewer pimples. My daily routine does not exclusively comprise Antipodes products, but they do play a leading role.

If you also know Antipodes and you have other products to recommend, or to avoid, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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