5 Beauty Tips for Marine

5 beauty tips for Marine


In this election period, Marine does not have much time to take care of herself. She is living in the fast lane: president of the FN, president of ENL, MEP, regional councilor (ooh la la the cumulation of mandates …), perhaps soon the president of the Republic, a mother, meeting, interviews, televised debates, traveling throughout the country, video conferencing with Russia, etc. Marine does not have a second to herself, and yet, being a public figure, she always has to look her very best. Unfortunately, this is not the case. So here are some beauty tips that I would like to share with her.

Nah, I’m joking! I hope she will never read this post. Marine earns 6200 euros net per month as a european deputy, plus 4300 minimum per month as a compensation for her costs, plus what she earns for her other fonctions, and she still has disguting teeth…

However, it is with pleasure that I share with you some essential ricks. Between work, going out with girlfriends, spending time with your partner, and tasks at home, one never has enough time. So here are some beauty tips to help you to always look your best.



Hydrating is the primary need of our body, yet we do not do it enough. Obviously, this begins with drinking water, at least two liters a day. Forget about Coke and other soft drink. My advice: remember to always leave a bottle of water near your bed, so that drinking is the first and last thing you do every day.

It is also necessary to hydrate the outer layers of the epidermis, that is to say the skin, the nails, the hair. The face and body need to be hydrated every day to protect them against external irritations and to regenerate. We have a choice between creams, oils, milks. To each their own.

If you have to take long journeys by train or plane, like Marine, you have to be careful, because air conditioning dries out the skin! Once you arrive at your destination, make a moisturizing mask to help the skin of the face regenerate.

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2- Choosing the right products

Choosing the right products for your skin is certainly the most difficult thing, especially as the needs of our skin change with age. There are so many brands, and products by brands, that it is normal to be lost and end up using the wrong products.

To begin with, you should ask a dermatologist, or a beautician, about the nature of your skin. This will determine the type of products you need.

Then forget the big brands. They often contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin. Remember that expensive brands are not qualitative because they are expensive. Most of the time are manufactured in the same laboratories as the cheaper alternatives, and the higher price tag is simply because of the brand name.

Finally, we test until we find the right cream, even if it is annoying to buy a whole pot of a product that may end up harming our skin. You will have to find out for yourself which brands work best for you. My skin does not react well to certain products from brands like Avène, Embryolisse, Lancôme, Clinique, or Caudalie … while products from Antipodes work very well. I also hear a lot about the brands Pai and Alpha Science. As a rule of thumb, if the condition of your skin hasn’t improved after using a product for 15 days, it is that it is not the product that you need. With that in mind, Marine should consider making a change …

3- Let your skin breathe

Leaving your skin to breathe is essential for it look it’s best. Most of us wear makeup, but makeup is not your best friend. Foundation especially clogs the pores of the skin and saturates it with chemicals.

If it is inconceivable for you to go out without makeup, try to gradually replace your foundations for a BB cream and a little blush. This will do much less damage. I often see girls in their 20’s covering their faces to hide pimples and blemishes, when in fact it is often these products that cause these imperfections in the first place. The skin of their face is saturated. And as long as they continue to use so much makeup, their skin will not improve. So leave your skin alone as often as possible.

Also, never go to bed wearing makeup. During the night, the skin is supposed to rest and regenerate, but it cannot do so if it is covered with a layer of dirt. So remove your makeup every night, without exception! And even if you didn’t put on makeup that day, you should still clean your face before going to bed. Ideally, you should remove your makeup as soon as you get home. This gives your face a little more time to breathe.

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4- Drink fresh juices

Who does not like good fresh fruit juice? So make it! By now the positive effects of fresh juices on our body should be evident to everyone. In addition to tasting great, the juices supply us with large amount of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and trace elements that we need. This is a vital energy boost when living life in the fast lane.

Today, there are plenty of new brands that offer fresh juices, but the best is still to make them yourself. Like this, you can be certain that the juice is fresh, you can guarantee that it contains no preservative, and you can have fun creating all kinds of juices according to your tastes, your desires, your needs, and according to the seasonal fruits. In addition, it will be much cheaper for you to do it yourself.

Never mix more than 4 different fruits if you want to enjoy the flavor of each. Do not hesitate to add ginger, turmeric, fennel or spinach for your skin. Make one at least twice a week.

As for Marine, I would advise her to drink liters and liters of carrot juice, because it makes us likeable to others.

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5- Sleeping

This cannot be stressed enough; sleeping is essential for our well-being in general, but also for the condition of our skin. A lack of sleep leads to tired skin, and all the makeup in the world can do nothing to cover it up. So do not deprive yourself of sleep. Sleeping helps to regenerate the metabolism and the condition of the skin accordingly. Someone who does not sleep enough has more dark circles and wrinkles than someone who is sleeping well, and these effects get worse with age.

If your nights are too short, do not hesitate to take a nap during the day. Twenty minutes can already have beneficial effect.

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If you could follow these 5 tips, the condition of your body, and therefore your skin will improve. Which goes to show, it is not always necessary to invest in overpriced creams to look better.

And you, what are your daily beauty tips?

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